Edisto Freeze Yer Toe 2018


Date & time Feb 15
Event ends Feb 19
Edisto Beach, SC
Creator Snoopy



It's official.... I have made my reservations for Feb 15-19, Presidents Day weekend @ Edisto Beach State Park, Edisto Island, SC.
on the beach loop

Make reservations early as there are not many campsites.

They do take reservations at http://www.reserveamerica.com/

Restroom facilities with hot showers are available. Each site has electrical and water hookups. If you've never been camping near the beach in winter, this is your big chance! Edisto Island State Park is thejewel in the crown of South Carolina State Parks! There is a lot of respect for nature’s beauty in the campground itself and the sites are well planned with native plants providing screening from site to site in some areas (perfect for busses) and more open areas for larger motor homes (or lots of busses). The beach itself is easily accessed from the road over the marsh and the magic of the interplay between the two worlds of sea and land is even more fascinating when the sun sets further north. Sometimes the wind isn't even cold (it is blowing from Africa)! So, even though the days are shorter, they are no less enjoyable. There is kayaking in the salt marsh and there are trails over the bridge inland from the park. There are a number of historic homes on the island, including Cassina Point which dates from the 1700’s as a plantation and several churcheswhich date from that time period as well. There were rum runners in the twenties and there are plenty of storiesabout their comings and goings on the island even today. Low Country lore abounds and it is easy to imagine the Native Americans moving amongst the palmettos and hear their whispers in the movement of the salt grass or to hearthe far off songs of the people working in the rice fields. There is timelessness in the rhythm of the tides and  the wind that is intensified when there are fewer people  about. So now is the time to join us in celebrating the Edisto Freeze Yer Toe camp out on Edisto Island!

For Sat dinner; there will be a potluck @ 3:00, so bring a pot to share. If you are not the cooking kind, please come join us for dinner anyway, we ALWAYS have too much food

Immediately after dinner we will have a brief raffle drawing ceremony at the same location.  The raffle proceeds will go to Pet Helpers http://www.pethelpers.org   Each award/prize is handmade and we do not accept store bought items. If you would like to help design a trophy or have an idea, send me a PM.

For the 50/50 drawing half the money raised goes to the winner and the other half will go towards the website fund.

This year (as Always) the first 20 or so people get a Freeze Yer Toe souvenir. See me in Site 1 as you come in, first come, first served

If you are planning on attending or need more info Just pm me

The camp's address is: 8377 State Cabin Rd Edisto Island, S.C. 29438
The weather is unpredictable, but the last few years have been absolutely perfect.
The theme this year will be Sesame St. (this includes all Muppets) Dress up your campsite, your bus, your kids, your dogs, yourself.... Handmade Trophies to the winners including an award for best kid's costume!

Come camp with the Full Moon Family

There are very smart raccoons at the park. Pack your food wisely
Bring your own drinking water, the local water is very salty.

The Wall

Feb 2
Site 061 is reserved for me but now I can't make it so what do we do now? If I call to cancel anyone with a car full of crying kids could get it. And when I cancel at this close date I lose one days fee. So PLEASE some Moonie should take it and sign in as me. It's already been paid for and my son's can't go that weekend so somehow get the word out.Site 061 is reserved for me but now I can't make it so what do we do now? If I call to cancel anyone with a car full of crying kids could get it. And when I cancel at this close date I lose one days f...See more
Feb 3
Checked today.....Oaks Loop is also full. Only 3 primitive tent sites available
Feb 7
Derek, Knox, JT, Al and Robert have sites 42,44, and 46.
Feb 7
Ed, sent U a msg on FB with info/phone number to transfer your reservation. Call me if you need to.
Feb 9
no one has contacted me for Site 61 Dixie says somebody wants it but they haven't called or e-mailed or snail mailed so it's still open
Feb 10
It's official, site 61 is now registered in the names of Andy and Ashley Lyda Hope you have a great time!
Feb 12
SusieBear can't make it. Does anyone still need a site?
Feb 12
B-rad's getting Susie's site
Feb 13
Thank you B-rad and Pam! We really hate to miss it!
Feb 14
glad Brad can make it.
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