Bus Chain Gang at Convict Springs


Date & time Jan 26 '18
Event ends Jan 28 '18, 11:00AM
Mayo, Florida
Creator Steve

Who's attending



Last year Wayne did renewal of Jill and I's marriage that took place a few months prior. We would like offer this up to anyone else, as well as first time marriages. Please PM me so we can let Wayne know and make sure everything is in order.

Bus Chain Gang at Convict Springs in Mayo Florida January 26-28, 2018.
Looking forward to another great time.
Beautiful time of year, great weather (at least 1/2 the time) depending on where your traveling from.

Group breakfast Saturday morning, come to the pavilion and start cooking to be ready from 9-10am. Emphasis on breakfast burritos.
Saturday night pot luck, 6pm.
Sunday morning many of us have breakfast at the campground restaurant.
Check out the campground at theirwebsite http://www.suwanneeriverrendezvous.com/

Map at the bottom of this page

Info on sites/rates

Extra tidbits.
1) For those not wanting or needing a site with electric or water you can pay the Primitive Fee of $20.00 a night per bus and pull in next to us, the pavilion, or anyone who is with the group and doesn't mind.

2) You don't need to reserve, but it is recommended if you want electric and/or water.

3) I think most electric sites now have 120v 30AMP outlets. It is wise to pick up an adapter (male 120v 30amp 3 wire to female 120v 20a 3 wire).

4) The picnic pavilion we use for cooking and eating and the main fire pit is near site 40. The resort website shows a lot of pictures of the new RV area, we camp in the original wooded area near the river.

5) For the past 8 years or so we have a local who delivers a trailer of fire wood for $125.00 for use mainly at the main fire pit near the pavilion and donations usually come to right about the cost of the wood. (It's amazing how close it usually comes)

The Wall

Oct 13
Steve and Jill, we plan to see you there. Thanks again for organizing this event. mark
Oct 14
I posted a few pictures of the ceremony and sitting around afterwards relaxing. Please feel free to browse and enjoy.
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