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collie Oct 2 '17
Hi everyone! Collie here...just wanted to be the first to welcome you to 2017 with our new format. The admins have been debating this change for YEARS and after some technical difficulty we have moved to a whole new platform. This new site is mobile friendly, easier to use and navigate and feels a lot like Facebook which a majority of us use daily. 

Feel free to browse around, add an event, add some pictures or a gallery, post some questions and , of course , we value your feedback.

dixie Oct 2 '17

Thanks again Collie for all your hard work on this.

Forge Oct 3 '17
Thanks for taking up this challenge!
Wildbill Oct 3 '17
Thanks for all the hard work on the site!!!!  Everything is looking great so far!!!!!!
F4u5T Oct 3 '17
Very nice site! I have just started one for my local bug club, would love and advise about platform!
swan66 Oct 4 '17
Thanks Looks Good
timwood Oct 8 '17
I had been trying to access the old site for a few days thinking maybe it was down for maintenance or something. I am happy to see that it still exists. It looks like it will be a good change, though it will take time to get used to.
collie Oct 9 '17
Yeah, we will try our best to NOT let this site\club\family this is home for now. :)
Jcoop Nov 7 '17
Well, now I feel much better. I've tried to access the old site several times from the road and was thinking i was having a brain fart or the electronic wizards were tormenting me.  Just found the new site and got logged back in, we'll re-establish our other info soon.  Yes, the new format is different, change always is !!   Collie, thanks for all your work in getting the new and improved version setup. I understand points, mechanical lifters and feeler gauges, this new stuff is a learning curve.


John and Diane

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