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Wildbill Oct 3 '17

This has always been one of my favorite Forum topics and I also know that it has always been one of the hold ups WRT developing a new site.  Not complaining, just wondering if some or all of the old posts can be added as a sticky so that us old guys can refer to the questions and answers that have already been asked and/or answered.  If I have had a new to me problem, this forum has always been my first place to start my research!!  Hope this made sense to someone other than myself.  Again, thanks for all the hard work on this forum and all the others on the web site.


collie Oct 3 '17
WB, I regret that the old site, and all the information, is gone. The software was very old and there was no way to upgrade it, or we would have done so. 

When the site crashed this time, we gave up and we had no choice but to start fresh...

If I could import the old data I would...believe you me.

Snoopy Oct 3 '17
Time for a fresh start :)
mikemtnbike Oct 4 '17
The Boston Bob articles especially. But it's my own fault for not printing them for eternal referral.
russwiththebus Oct 18 '17
Some of the old stuff can be found on the Wayback Machine. It's not complete, but better than nothing:

As far as Boston Bob's articles go, Ratwell has been keeping an archive of those on his site:

rebapuck Nov 13 '17
So, I will start.  What type brake fluid for my '66 and '67?  Oil?
bear Jan 14
Type 3 or 4 brake fluid. Oil would be good gread 20-50
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