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I would like a mobile version of the FMBC site, even if it meant losing ALL data and starting over.

Yes, it is uber important.

No, leave it as is please.

I am on the fence.

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History Of FMBC
We're glad you're here.

Welcome Fellow Moonies!
If you haven't yet, please introduce yourself in the Welcome/ Introductions Forum and please review our rules. (There are only a few)

If you have any questions, feel free to ask anyone or any of our tech admin or forum moderators ( fmbc grease monkey). You can see a list posted at the bottom of the forums page.

Also, PLEASE take the time to include your location in your profile. Half the fun is finding bus people near you to help when needed or to cara-bus with to the next campout.

We look forward to seeing you at the next campout!

Happy bussing!!

History of the FMBC
The story of FMBC...: Derek worked at Woosely's Garage (VW only repair shop) in Charleston, SC. When I moved back in 98, I found Derek at the Low Country VW Show not far from where I was staying. He told me about the shop he worked at and told me to bring my bus by to get worked on. I did and made friends with him and the owner, a great man, Doc Woosely who was in his 80's and still working on VW's. He was trained at the factory when he was young. Anyway, Doc let me hang out and watch and learn. Derek (aka Capt. Passout) and I became good friends and we were talking and he said his friend Screwloose and his friend Royce had been talking about starting a bus club and camping on the full moon and calling it (Screwloose's idea) Full Moon Buses. To make the club about camping and not about show cars, as we had noticed most of the bug clubs had gone, we also decided to let all races of buses in (water and air) and be FREE!! Instead of letting this idea fade away again, I decided to take action. I stayed late one day after work and learned to make a website on a Geocities site on the work computer. I had no idea what I was doing and the original site was one long page as I didn't know how to make it link to other pages. I misremembered the name Derek had told me, which Screwloose came up with, and posted Full Moon Bus Club as the name. The name stuck. At this point I had met Royce but not Screwloose. Derek and I made the first Everybus that year and camped together. Screwloose's Dad was there but that is another story. Shortly afterwards we had a Canadian join who moved to Charleston and had a broke bus. (imagine that) His name was Peter Campbell. We later had our first camp-out on some private land of a friend of mine and we called it Round O Round Up but later changed it to Round O Rain Out, as it did. (The town closest was called Round O) Of the first 5 members Royce, Peter, Derek and myself were all there. We were the only Moonies that made it. After that we made our first HCBF together. And met Mad Uncle Dave and his lovely wife Sherry, found out they lived in Charleston and we had a new member. MUD (Mad Uncle Dave) helped out immensely with the web page thing and taught me many things and helped build the site with me. He was a great asset in the early days as he also knew how to wrench. I also met Ben, who lived in the Charleston area also at that HCBF. And he also joined. From there things started and just kept going and going and going....... All any of us wanted was to help each other out and make sure our buses kept going so we could camp!!! And for the record. MUD introduced Breakfast burritos oh so long ago... MUD, my waist doesn't thank you LOL Peace brothers and sisters, Snoopy
September 2017
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bullet soliday
22 Sep : 05:17AM
I have a fairly good set of 1978 doors that are available. Painted poorly, but solid.
bullet Merkman
04 Sep : 04:33PM
Let me know.
bullet Merkman
04 Sep : 04:32PM
I have a full set of double cab gates with latches
bullet shaun
25 Aug : 11:48AM
bullet bumblebee
23 Jul : 05:05PM
bullet shaun
02 Jul : 08:44PM
bullet r_jtimmons
30 Jun : 08:22PM
Just starting to restore a 1963 VW double cab pickup and need the 3 drop gates for the bed. If you can help please e-mail. Thanks for everyone help in the past and the future
bullet hippieman88
19 Jun : 08:39AM
Hey everyone. I have a 97 lifted jeep wrangler for trade that has 14,000 invested in it. Been looking to get back into a westy since I sold my 76 reluctantly. Anyone interested pm me. I'll send pictures and all the details if interested. Thanks everyone!
bullet Bronge
04 May : 08:28PM
Westy, SUBARU ENGINE, AUTOMATIC transmission for sale. 1984, very good interior, exterior, and mechanical condition. We've had so much fun, and I'm not crawling back out of the rabbit hole, but I'm working on a bigger camper. Get in touch or Charlotte CL for more details. Asking $19500 obo.
bullet cenres
24 Apr : 01:57PM
I have 2 "Westys", same year, same color scheme, 1 full camper and a weekender.
I am selling the weekender for $6000

or use as downpayment on a VWsynchro-camper (4x4).

I originally bought the weekender for parts for my camper, but then it kept running so well after i gave it new cylinder heads, new steering fluid pump, shocks.....

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It's better to install a spare part in your driveway than to find out it doesn't fit at the side of the road.