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KorryDens Dec 22 '17
I have a ferret named Corbin. Yeah, I know, it’s a strange pet to have, but I’m always fascinated by this type of creature. He’s a fun-loving tyke, usually, plays and hangs out in his comfortable big ferret nation cage, munch on cooked eggs (that’s his diet), and even cuddles with my wife while she watches the tv. I hope to own one more someday, but for now, it’s just Levin and me for more fun-filled antics. How about you guys? What four (or many) legged companions do you have?

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Jack Jan 1

I have three fish.  Here is a picture of one.  We calls him Hangry.  He has two bros, they look the same but are smaller.  They are some sort of pondfish.

Maggie.  She takes good care of me even when i don't need it/