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vetterdog Jan 13
Some years back I installed a hot start relay because my bus (79 FI westy) had slow cranking issues when engine was hot/warmed up. Well, the relay did not fix the problem, (but neither did the new starter and starter bushing) and now I have another issue. The fuse in the hot start relay keeps blowing. I bumped the 15A fuse up to a 20A and it still blows the fuse. Now I am wondering why. Could the starter be showing signs of its demise? I havent checked anything yet since the weather is not cooperating, so Im just looking for ideas for when I do get a chance to get into it. I think I will start by removing the HSR since it didnt fix my slow cranking issue. Thanks for all and any input!


bear Jan 17
Is the engine not turning over fast enough to start, or is it taking a long time cranking it over for it to start?
FRED Jan 18
Im using a ford solenoid.  Heavy duty so no fuse needed.
vetterdog Jan 19
When I originally installed the HSR it was turning over very slowly after the bus had been run for a spell, i.e. "hot". The relay, as mentioned did nothing to fix this, but I left it in place. Now the fuse just blows as soon as I turn the key to "start". This started a few months back when it was still warm out, but I'd blow the fuse only once in a while. Now it just happens every time I try to start it. It will be "warm" (50!) tomorrow so I plan on removing the useless relay and I will report back what happens. I'm hoping the wires are just crudded up or something. 
vetterdog Jan 19
PS I haven't checked my records but I reckon that starter to be about 15 years old at this point.
vetterdog Jan 20
Well it was warm today but too muddy for me to deal with taking stuff apart while lying in the slop. However I put a new fuse in the relay and the bus started right up. Maybe this is cold-related. At least I got the bus moved to slightly dryer ground.
I was having hard start issues a while back. I replaced the starter, and that worked for a while. Then I was right back tapping the starter anytime the engine was warm. After the third starter, I decided to change all battery cables and ground straps. It's been over a year now, maybe a year and a half, and the bus starts every time no matter how hot she is. I almost put an HSR on her, but it really is a patch for another issue. Old wiring can build up too much resistance and pull too much power. YMMV, good luck!
vetterdog Feb 5
I know I've been in there while chasing AMF/Vanagon syndrome issues and I replaced the ground strap to the battery and cleaned up the other ground connections, but I didn't think about the hot side cables. I also have ground disconnect/knife switch because of an unsolved parasitic battery drain issue; maybe related.....I'll put it on my to do list for whenever the weather cooperates. Currently working on interior stuff that I can do indoors. Thanks for the idea!