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Snoopy Oct 17 '17
Do you need to change the fuel pump rod when converting from a generator to an alternator on a 1600?
VWBrain Oct 18 '17
if you are changing the fuel pumps from one type to the other  yes you do  alt rod is 13mm shorter
Snoopy Oct 18 '17
Do I have to change fuel pumps?
mdwdrw Oct 19 '17

Hello, when VW started using alternators on their upright engines, the fuel pump was different. Instead of standing square to the case, they were manufactured with an angle to clear the alternator housing. 

I have seen leaning pumps used with Generators and Alternators and as mentioned you need to match the pushrod length to the pump you use. Maybe post a picture of your pump. mark

VWBrain Oct 20 '17
the gen one will work but it is a pita to remove with an alt
Snoopy Oct 23 '17
For now I’m sticking with the stock fuel pump as I already ordered the kit. Hopefully it will last a good long while <br />
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Snoopy Oct 29 '17
I bought the jbugs alternator conversion kit. It comes with everything you NEED if you can salvage from your old engine. however it does not come with everything included in the video of how to do it

In following the wiring directions for a 61 bug in regards to bypassing the voltage regulator it says to connect 3 large red wires together. On my 65 Bus, I only have 2 Red wires. Am I missing a wire?