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FRED Nov 1 '17
Hey everyone, This year I set a goal to sell 100 FMBC calendars for Christmas.  This may be tough to do cause Im still learning to navigate out new web site and I got a little lazy.  

   In past years I ordered 50 calendars and with your help in the form of pre-pays we produced some awesome memories from your photo submissions.  We also generated several hundred dollars to help keep the server fund going to keep the lights on here as an alternative to Facebook.

   So I need some feedback to find out if making the calendars is still a viable project.  Today is Nov 1 and I can generally get it done in a few weeks and in the mail before the holidays.  Most people order 1 or two calendars so I need a quick count to see how many of you would prepay to kickstart the order.  As always, if you prepay your photo submission will be the bus-of-the month.


collie Nov 1 '17
You know I will.
Snoopy Nov 1 '17
I’d get a couple
Tomasz Nov 5 '17
I'm good for one as well.
Bumblebee Nov 5 '17
I would take two calendars and would like to get a month as well. 
CamperMike Nov 6 '17
What does a month cost?
FRED Nov 8 '17

Quote from CamperMike What does a month cost?
It works out to about $30 and you get one calendar.  If I sell all 12 months (13 with the cover photo) that pays for an order of 50 calendars.  Then I buy office envelopes and pay USPS to mail to your home.  I prefer to do it all thru paypal so theres a record of the sale.  Additional calendars have been priced at $15.  Single calendar orders $20.
FRED Nov 8 '17
Note,  I dont visit the FMBC Facebook site,  but please invite your friends to join up here to show their interest. 

 Today is Nov 8 so please message me with your photo submissions.  You can message me here or thru facebook .   I need at least 10 prepays on an order of 50 in the next week or I may have to adjust the size and content.  I have plenty of interesting bus photos but yours are best.  Please give thought to the composition and quality of your photos.

Snoopy Nov 8 '17
will do!!
Snoopy Nov 12 '17
I sent you one picture, if the quality isnt up to snuff let me know and I’ll send another
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vetterdog Nov 19 '17
I always am in for two!


FRED Nov 20 '17

Quote from vetterdog I always am in for two!


Now thats the spirit.  Looks like I am doing this differently.. Bus CAlendars make good gifts and I have ordered one calendar from my own collection of photos to proof.  Unless there is a huge increase in orders this will be an extremely limited edition at my expense.    
Snoopy Nov 20 '17
add another calendar to my order
FRED Nov 24 '17
Proof copy.  sorry only one.  
vetterdog Dec 9 '17
Did I miss out? Did they go on sale? Did they get made? When/who do I pay? (Sorry for my ignorance!)
KorryDens Dec 13 '17
They definitely look nice! :)
collie Dec 15 '17
I got mine!!

FRED Dec 15 '17

Quote from vetterdog Did I miss out? Did they go on sale? Did they get made? When/who do I pay? (Sorry for my ignorance!)
No dave, there just wasnt enough demand for a full run so i only had a few made from my photo files.  I got you marked down for one, check your PM

Quote from vetterdog Did I miss out? Did they go on sale? Did they get made? When/who do I pay? (Sorry for my ignorance!)